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Value And Significance Of E-Learning

SRIJJAN Institute has brought a revolutionary change with our e-learning courses. Gone are the days when people could learn only by sitting in classrooms surrounded by teachers and other students. With the advancements of technology and the internet, it has become possible for people to study at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.
The advent of our e-learning curriculums and has made it possible to manage to learn with other responsibilities. We ensure that people preparing for competitive examinations like PRSC- Junior Accountant, JVVNL- Junior Accountant or other exams can study while continuing their current job.

Features Of E-Learning Courses

The technology of the internet has made it possible to bring education to everyone’s computers, laptops, and smartphones. This feature of our e-learning course is the driving force that makes education with online coaching institutes so powerful. We make sure that our e-learning courses have the necessary features to make them competent in helping students learn better.
  • 1. Learn On The Go- With our e-learning courses, students can enjoy the feature of learning on their own time. Our study resources are available for the students to refer to all through the day.
  • 2. Revise As Much As Needed- The video resources that we offer can be replayed as many times as the student needs to understand the concepts discussed in them.
  • 3. Study Where Ever You Want- Our video resources are available all the time so the students can refer to them from the comfort of their house or whenever they find free time.
  • 4. Never Miss Another Class- As there are no pre-scheduled classes to attend with our e-learning course, there is no need to worry about missing a lecture.
  • 5. No More Clashing Of Classes- The students can now plan as per their free time when to study which topic. Our course gives them the liberty to make their study schedule.
  • 6. Save The Travel Time- As our e-learning course can be accessed from anywhere the students can save a lot of precious time. Our students do not need to travel to attend the classes and can use this saved time more efficiently.

Benefits Of Opting E-Learning Courses

E-Learning courses that SRIJJAN offers have many benefits because of the numerous features that we provide. The combination of textual resources with video resources that we provide in our e-learning courses makes it simpler for the student to grasp the concepts and information. The ease of studying from the comfort of one’s home is the reason why e-learning courses have become such a powerful tool for studying. Our students can plan their study schedule and tackle their problems and weaknesses in a more targeted manner with our online coaching courses.

Faculty At SRIJJAN Institute

Our team of faculty is one of the best teaching staff who makes sure to deliver knowledge to the students efficiently. They are competent in their teaching methods and abilities so that every student gets benefitted from the course work. Our faculty members are readily available for helping students with doubts and covering previous year exam questions during the course. We provide the latest and up-to-date study material, notes and resources to avoid ambiguity in the task of effective preparation. Our online test series closely follows the original exam pattern and the latest exam questions. We get these tests prepared by expert faculties and also provide a detailed and thoroughly explained solution for every question on the test.

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